The Postcard Killers–A Chilling Tale!

Ruth Caster, Writer

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The Postcard Killers ranks as one of the most direly terrifying, yet deeply mystifying vacation thriller stories ever written. New York Police Department Detective Jacob Kanon tours Europe’s most gorgeous cities, but the lovely sights do not draw his attention. Instead, he sees each museum, each cathedral, and each cafe through the view of his daughter Kimmy’s murderer.

Kanon’s daughter Kimmy and her boyfriend visited Rome as a Christmas gift from her father, but tragically, they did not return home. Since then, Jacob investigates Kimmy’s murder and tries to render justice for his daughter. Working himself so much, he loses control over his overall appearance and remains in hell each passing day, knowing that the killers continue slaughtering lives and tear apart families across Europe.

Since then, young American couples visiting across Europe had their throats cut open and their displayed corpses imitate famous art pieces across the world. Readers may think that this can merge both reality and art together in such a morbid avenue. However, little connects the murders other than a preceding postcard sent to the local newspaper.

Nevertheless, Kimmy’s father Kanon continues searching for clues six months after his daughter tragically died, lags two or three steps behind the killers, and will never stop avenging his daughter’s death. Now he collaborates with the Swedish reporter Dessie Larsson, who has received a postcard in Stockholm, and they think they know the killer’s next step.

Unlike some hopelessly dull and invariably plain stories, readers consider this novel both shockingly terrifying and truly thrilling, and they cannot stop reading its engaging passages. Right when the story unfolds a possible suspect, new clues reveal themselves, and young American couples’ murders across Europe turn darker after the local newspaper receives every postcard.

Making an indelible memory on a reader’s soul;

The Postcard Killers–a truly thrilling book that everyone should read!

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