Month Long Scriptwriting Screen Frenzy Begins April 1st

E. Rae "Katie" Hernandez, Assistant Editor/Reporter

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“30 days. 100 pages. April. Are you in?”

This is the challenge presented to young, old, amateur, and professional screenwriters through Script Frenzy. During April, writers create an original 100-page script, churning out an average of 3 ½ pages per day. The free event is founded by the grassroots organization the Young Writer’s Program, which also founded NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

The 2011 round of Script Frenzy (nicknamed Screnzy among passionate scriptwriters) marks its 5th year of operation, with a new Program Director, Sandra Salas.

“Come join [us] for our April adventure! It’s time to get that mind-boggling story down on the page!” Salas encourages.

Scriptwriting is uniquely different from fiction writing. The format differs, as script-specific jargon is employed, from cuts and sluglines to action sequences, and most of a script consists of dialogue. The Script Frenzy website offers not only advice and how-to-guides, but all the tools necessary for a screenwriter, short of a creative brain. Registered users who need an inspirational push or some fact checking may attend special forums.

The writer can choose the script’s style they will write—screenplay, stage play, even graphic novels or radio scripts—and the genre, ranging widely from musical to romantic comedy.

Although no monetary or physical reward is given for completion of the challenge besides a winner’s certificate, the reward is within the task itself. It motivates a writer into writing every single day, and allows an opportunity for characters and plotlines to develop and thrive. The challenge is personal and entirely self-motivated. Even those who do not complete the 100 pages are not failures, because Script Frenzy is purely for fun and creative brainstorming.

It is not too late to join! Maybe you could be the next Hitchcock or Spielberg!

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