Project 365: A Year In Photographs

Devon Howard, Investigative Reporter

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Never again will students lose treasured memories from difficulty remembering what happened in days passed. Imagine keeping a daily life events record for one year, creating art and developing talents in the process.

Project 365 is a personal challenge where thousands participate every year, creating a collage by snapping a photo a day all throughout the year. The objective: taking a photo a day for three hundred and sixty five-days. The vantage point for this project is up to each student’s creative discretion–a photographic journal or a photo of a family pet.

Project 365 has no definitive start date, so it can begin at any time during the year. Pick a day, find a camera and some free time, and begin this wonderful adventure. Selecting and uploading one photo per day is the only rule. The project is located on Flickr, where most people post and comment on their photos.

While some use Project 365 as a way of furthering their skills in photography, others use it for learning new things about their lives. Project 365 allows a person a still-life view of the year from a visual perspective, revealing nuances that were previously unnoticed. “I feel that project 365 is a great thing for anybody to do because it’s often a learning experience that can teach people things about themselves,” Jessica Malloy said.

Some experienced 365-ers are making Project 365 a little more challenging this year by creating guidelines which they must follow, such as the Weekly Challenge, every week has a theme, and the photo for every day in that week, reflecting the theme. This moves Project 365 away from being a visual journal and more into challenging realm that will increase photography skills.

Gabby Bradshaw, who is working on not only the regular Project 365 but also the Self-Portrait challenge said “[Project 365] makes the entire world your photo-opportunity…you just have to be willing to be patient for that perfect shot. But if you don’t get that ‘perfect’ shot, hey, you can always bounce back the next day!”

Want to get started? Bring your camera everywhere you go; familiarize yourself with taking photos of every passing event, your friends, family and maybe even some of the scenery. When using the Project as a photographic journal, write and describe everything that happened before, during, and after that photo. When reflecting back on the photo a year later, a written description will detail everything that happened that day.

Students, ready to start a journal of every day of the year? Grab a camera and start climbing the steps to 365–photo by photo!

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