Carry Your Ghost: Local Band Rising to Stardom

Lisa Mathis, Reporter

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Melodic-hardcore band Carry Your Ghost, a rising and popular young group in the local music scene, strives for fame and acknowledgement. Absorbing the band’s boundless energy and musical creativity, stimulated fans fill every venue where Carry Your Ghost takes the stage.

CYG’s devoted members include screaming vocalists Kohlman Hollister and Matt Scott, dexterous guitar players Tommy Wilson and Nick Bailey, assertive bass player Corey Sheffield, and thrashing drummer, the youngest member of the band, Cameron Chapman. Chapman being the youngest, their ages range from 16 to 23. Wilson is a proud graduate of New Caney High School, tossing his cap in 2009.

The band’s authentic name has intrigued its listeners since the six proficient musicians united in November of 2009. Unveiling the mystery behind the name, Wilson clarifies, “Everyone has hardships they’ve had to overcome in life, and for me, carrying your ghost means to hold on to your past and to remember where it is that you came from. Don’t dwell in your past, but remember the things you’ve overcome as an individual.”

The songs produced by CYG on their upcoming debut album Decisions, follow the central theme of hardships. The lyrics are “about dealing with losses of loved ones, moving on, isolation, bettering yourself as a person, and following your dreams.”

CYG, full of thriving ambition, aims for popularity and admiration in the music industry, performing with an extraordinary amount of energy and potential at several local venues and special events, including private shows for loyal friends and fans. While CYG originated from Southeast Texas, the band is now touring throughout the state. Whether they are playing at actual venues, such as Fuel in Humble, Texas, or “sketchy garages with literally inches of head space,” as Wilson describes, the members of this band never lose sight of superior distinction.

For young musicians who dream of forming a band and gaining worldwide recognition, members from CYG offer some advice from experience: “Commit to yourself to make it happen, and find members with that same sense of commitment. You need that in order to progress as a band.” “If you have a dream, chase it. It may sound cliché, but you do only live once, and you never know where that dream could take you,” adds Scott.

Listeners can contact and listen to Carry Your Ghost on the following websites:

CYG asks for fan support by voting for them to play at Warped Tour this year! Just go to and cast in your vote! Listeners can also show support by purchasing Decisions, soon to be available on iTunes!

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