Cosmetology: A Beautiful Career!

Caroline Hemphill, writer

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Readers–interested helping people look beautiful? Then consider a cosmetology career!

The base salary for cosmetologist ranges from $21,866 to $32,365. The average salary estimates at $26,358. The salary for an average cosmetologist may seem low, but most  make extra money from gratuities.

To study at a cosmetology school, the cost ranges from $15,000-$20,000. Some interested students may say that costs too much, but the long term benefit can truly bring success.

Having a job as a cosmetologist means so much more than only cutting hair. Rather than performing a mechanical service, a Cosmetologist develops strong relationships with their customers. A professional stylist can truly change someone’s life!

Many people do not feel confident and feel like they appear ugly on the outside. When a cosmetologist gives customers a haircut or a new hair color, their confidence level increases. A cosmetologist can make people feel happy and beautiful about themselves and their self-image.

Notwithstanding  low wages, a cosmetologist profession means so much more that money. In 2012,  the cosmetology professoin ranked 44 as one of the best careers.

To maintain a job as a cosmetologist, an employee needs to have adept people skills, meaning he or she cannot have a shy personality. Customers would not like to go to a timid vosmetologist because they want to hear positive words and strong praise about their appearance.

Moreover, a cosmetologist needs to exercise patience because they serve many different customers. When children visit and they act afraid of hairstylists, a cosmetologist cannot  give up trying to make them feel comfortable. He or she must work with a child to overcome the fear and also provide outstanding service.

Cosmetologists stand on their feet most of their working hours. Therefore, to work as a cosmetologist, an employee must tolerate and handle the back pains and the foot cramps that can occur while working.

Cosmetologists not only style hair, but also make people beautiful both outside and within their soul. They help people build their self-esteem about themselves which translates into success with their daily lives.

If a reader  loves to help make others feel beautiful, then a cosmetology career stands as the perfect employment!

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