Michelle Obama: An Inspiring Woman

Alissa Obenhaus, Writer

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Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, born January 17, 1964, continues to inspire young women everyday. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Mrs. Obama graduated from Princeton University in 1985 and later attended and graduated from Harvard Law School.

An American lawyer, university administrator, and writer, Michelle Obama started her law career at Sidley Austin, a law firm in Chicago. While working at Sidley Austin, Michelle met her husband Barack Obama. Married in 1992, Michelle and Barack have since had two daughters, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama, and continue to live happily married.

Mrs. Obama subsequently worked in non-profit organizations, as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, and the Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Unlike other attorneys that focus on criminal law, in her early law career, Michelle worked marketing and intellectual marketing law. Though she has always had a passion for law, she has had her law licence on voluntary inactive service since 1993 as she no longer needs it for her day to day work.

Michelle campaigned for her husband’s presidential bid throughout 2007 and 2008. She later gave a keynote address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and returned in 2012 to give another speech in place of her husband. In 2016, Michelle attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and delivered a speech supporting Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Obama also helped campaign for her husband’s re-election in 2012. Not helping occasionally, but beginning in 2011, she vaulted into active politics, yet avoided discussions about the re-election.

By the time of the election cycle, she had developed a more open public image and continued to grow into a household name. Mrs. Obama, often referred to as “the most popular political figure in America”, had an active role in the re-election campaign.

As former First Lady, Obama continuously served as a role model for women, and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating. Alongside supporting major issues, she supported American designers and quickly earned the title of one of youths biggest fashion icons.

Michelle Obama, an inspiring role model for all women and African Americans, continues to strive for greatness and will not stop for anything.



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