Sam Houston State University: An Excellent School To Earn a Degree

Caroline Hemphill, Writer

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Sam Houston State University opened in 1879, and it remains Texas’ third-oldest higher education public institution. The Houston Chronicle named the university one of the fastest growing colleges from 2003-2013.

Sam Houston ranked 7th in the nation for African-American graduates. It also held #1 in placing students into the workforce within 12 months of their graduation.

Tuition to attend Sam Houston State University varies depending on courses. In state tuition could average $7,618 each year. Moreover, out of state tuition could cost as much as $16,978.

Sadly, some students can not handle college life as much as others, and therefore, the college graduation rate stands as 53%. Nevertheless, the university has programs to increase the success rate to help students, a thoughtful way to assist them toward their goals.

Sam Houston stands as one of the colleges that does not have overly strict requirements for matriculation. It seeks students that will work diligently toward their degree at their school. The Sam Houston State University admission acceptance rate measures at 73%.

For school year 2018-2019, the school enrolls 18,416 undergraduate students. This breaks down to 62% females and 38% males.

Some popular majors include criminal justice, education, and business. Sam Houston State University also offers graduate programs in most academic areas.

Since it has a pragmatic, teaching institution philosophy, Sam Houston professors always help students both inside and outside of the classroom. Students having difficulty and struggling in their classes can find welcome professors and competent tutors to help them improve their grades.

Maturing and studying at a university represents  a big transition for a young teenager. Nevertheless, many students have reported that Sam Houston State University has all different kinds of students and remarkable professors to help every step in achieving a college degree.

Sam Houston State University—an excellent education for students!






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