Yenifer Sanchez: A Talented and Beautiful Young Lady

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Yenifer Sanchez: A Talented and Beautiful Young Lady

Adianez Gamez, Writer

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Yenifer Sanchez, a talented and beautiful young lady, will accomplish her goals by attending college and finishing her career as a cosmetologist. In the future, Yenifer wants to own her own salon, desiring to cut both men’s and women’s hair. She tries her best to accomplish her goals, a devotion that drives her to never gives up.

In Yenifer’s future salon, she will hire both affable and responsible people, making customers feel welcome and comfortable. Moreover, she will keep her place pleasant and clean so customers do not feel unhappy and never return. With astute wisdom, she will try to separate the washing and cutting area to prevent her customers from feeling itchy from the hair.

Her dad motivates her in life by helping her to achieve her dreams, telling her to try her best, a belief she lives every day. He works diligently to give his girl both a good career and a pleasing life. Playing a big role in her life, her dad importunes and appeals to his daughter to perform better in both her life and career.

She comes from a Mexican family and feels proud of both her religion and her culture. She loves to spend time with her family, speaking to them daily. Yenifer lives with her two parents, her younger sister and brother, looking forward to see them grow up and have a wonderful life.

A sports lover, Yenifer played soccer in 8th grade, displaying passion to run and score goals to help her team win. She auditioned for soccer during her freshman year, but unfortunately, she could not play because she injured her back. Yenifer still plays soccer in her free time, believing that one day she will play with the team as a  goalie.

Yenifer–this unique wonderful girl will try her best to do good in life and make her parents proud.












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