Jaiden Bazile–An Outstanding Student!

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Jaiden Bazile, a 15 year old freshman at New Caney High School, has had one of her best years since arriving for school year 2018-2019.  Jaiden, born December 23rd, 2003, has always loved improving herself, and at New Caney High School, she has truly shown her talents.

Unlike most students, Jaiden has shown remarkable passion and effort for not only her core classes but also her electives as well. Affable and friendly, she always helps her friends to achieve their goals and dreams.

Jaiden holds the title of Bass 3 on the NCHS drumline and has always had a deep love for music. Although Jaiden does not plan on studying music in college, she still loves the environment, people, and of course, the whole NCHS Spirit Band.

Jaiden has always been quite an active girl in her life. Not only actively participating  in band, but  also she competitively plays softball. Playing softball since 3 years old,  Jaiden always had a deep passion for the sport, even when experiencing all the bruises, pain, and exhaustion. Always diligent and focused in her efforts, she truly shows her dedication in everything she puts her mind to.

Since softball has had a huge impact on Jaiden’s life, she considers attending Texas A&M University to grow and mature into a professional softball player. Although she wanted to attend Texas A&M University in Galveston,Texas to study for a career as a Marine Biologist, Jaiden weighs and considers both options because of her genuine passion for softball and her profound admiration of underwater sea life.

Jaiden strives for excellence in anything and everything she believes she can achieve. She has an outstanding future ahead of her, and she feels ready to take on anything that comes her way.     “ Obstacles don’t threaten me; I just keep my head in the game and work hard to become the best version of me.”,  she said.

Jaiden LaNell Bazile, an outstanding student, a passionate player, and an inspiring young lady at New Caney High School!

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