Brianna Dees: A Superstar Student Living Her Best Life

Alissa Obenhaus, Writer

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Brianna Shelbi Dees, born November 11, 2003 in New Caney, Texas, has had a wonderful life. Currently a freshman at New Caney High School, Brianna does not participate in advanced courses. Nevertheless, she does take part in journalism and culinary, making her high school experience the best so far.

Living with her mom, dad, sister, and 2 of her 3 brothers, Brianna loves her home life. She adores her siblings and has much gratitude toward her parents that provide her everything. She even considers her mom her role model as she cooks, cleans, loves, cares, and sets such a good example for her and her siblings.

In Brianna’s free time, she likes to sing, play her guitar and her piano, cook, and spend time with her friends and family.

Starting at a young and fragile age, she developed a love for music.  At only age five, Brianna began playing guitar, piano, and singing. With several family members also having a love for the musical arts, she had numerous supporters, motivators, and teachers throughout the years.

Like her love for music, Brianna also developed a love for cooking as a youngster. At seven years old, she started cooking and baking with her mom and dad. With their help and guidance, Brianna began independently cooking, finding new techniques and cooking styles.

After high school, Brianna wishes to attend Baylor College of Medicine, and she aspires a profession in the medical field as a pediatric cardiologist or an anesthesiologist. Both wonderful career options, she has not discovered yet which one she has a deeper passion towards.

Sometime in her future, Brianna wishes to travel to England and to tour every state in the United States. She has already visited a few states, but she wants to travel to all of them and see each state’s spectacle.

Brianna Dees, a marvelous friend, a talented student, and a happy, smiley, and helpful girl, enjoys life, and she would not change anything about it.





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