Jake Harvey: Loving Baseball

Meredith Boyd, Writer

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Jake Harvey, a sophomore at New Caney High School, participates as an athlete on the baseball team and earns good grades as a student. His goals after graduation include attending either Houston Baptist University or Dallas Baptist University to study political science and  follow his dreams as a professional baseball player. He has reviewed other colleges and their programs, but narrowed his choice to these two fine universities.

During the summer, Jake spent his time practicing baseball, attending church with his family, and consorting with friends. When Jake plays baseball, he feels relaxed, yet excited by the competitive play. He also attends Key Life Fellowship on Sundays for their excellent youth group with friends.

When he does not play baseball, Jake enjoys spending time with his family watching it on television. They like following the Houston Astros because ti represents the hometown team, and his family finds baseball so interesting, Jake’s family watches baseball quite often and share the same enthusiasm for the game.

He earns good grades in English, his favorite class in school. Mrs. Brady, Jake’s English teacher, instructs him how to prepare for the STAAR EOC examinations. Jake relishes learning in his English class because he has a good teacher.

Along with enjoying his English class, Jake likes listening to a variety of music. Some include modern country, rap, R&B, 1980’s and 1990’s rap and pop, rock, and grunge. He exults over listening to this music when he spends time outside with his dog.

New Caney High School not only gave Jake many opportunities for baseball, but also Next Level Prospects. Jake participates in a baseball league outside of his school’s baseball team for more practice and more time around his favorite sport. He plays with this team on the weekends and many days during the week over the summer on his free time.

Unlike others who search for a tranquil location in nature, the baseball field represents a peaceful place for Jake. When he steps onto the field for either a game or practice, he feels stress free. Baseball calms Jake, and he knows that he can rely on his favorite sport to relax him when he feels overwhelmed with school work or other events.

Jake Harvey, a rising star at New Caney High School with many goals and aspirations for his future.


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