Yajaira Benitez–Exploring Freshman Life At New Caney High School

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Yajaira Benitez–Exploring Freshman Life At New Caney High School

Kenia Castaneda, Writer

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Yajaira Benitez truly explores all her different options as a high school freshman.

An independent, positive, and noble freshman student, Yajaira currently attends New Caney High School, experiencing the many wonderful and challenging moments in ninth grade.  Attending Aldine ISD for several years, she considers New Caney ISD as one of her favorite districts.

She favors New Caney ISD because she can now wear regular, everyday clothes at school, allowing her to self-express herself through her garments. Unlike Aldine that made uniforms mandatory for every student, New Caney ISD does not have this requirement.

Yajaira lives with her supportive and loving parents and four siblings whom she loves and protects, a true devotion and loyalty to her family. Her two oldest brothers, Jorge and Luis, always travel because of their job. Nevertheless, she wishes to spend more time socializing and making lovely memories with both of them.

However,  she also takes pleasure in her two small siblings, watching different movies, playing Fortnite daily with Jairo, and playing dress-up, watching their favorite Youtube channel “The ACE Family” with Natalie. On weekends, the whole family assembles to make dinner and have family game night, enjoying various desserts.

Currently, she studies Pre-AP classes helping her prepare, supporting her goals for a future career.  At the moment, Yajaira, undecided on which career she wants to pursue, hopes to study more areas that might peak her interest.

Yajaira, an outstanding, lively, and optimistic student, not only accomplishes goals by performing her best, but also by achieving each one in every way possible. ” I think it is going to be an awesome beginning of high school year, and I want to succeed in everything I do,” she said.

Knowing that she has almost completed her first semester of freshman year, Yajaira already contemplates and projects her plans for sophomore year. With strong motivation and unfettered initiative, Yajaira wants to improve all her class grades, a wise goal she looks forward to effectuating and attaining.

To diligently study, to perceptively learn, to warmly fraternize.

Yajaira Benitez- not an average high school student, but an excellent one!





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