Karen Ramirez—A Smart, Motivated Student!

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Karen Ramirez—A Smart, Motivated Student!

Kenia Castaneda, Writer

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Karen Ramirez, a freshman at New Caney High School, has splendidly adjusted to the school’s atmosphere along with her close friends. Notwithstanding a new school, new classmates, new teachers, and the challenges and difficulties that come with high school’s crazy world, she now feels comfortable and settled in her new environment.

Karen has attended New Caney ISD for 6 years and will continue for three more years. Her education, building on her middle school subjects, ranks first as her main priority. Never relying on her teachers or classmates, she continually  motivates herself to study for all exams and quizzes.

Entering New Caney High School, Karen knew that she would face many problems including arriving late to class, feeling lost walking in the hallways, and making new friends. Nevertheless, she has shown not clumsy, but good strategic skills, observing others, learning from students, and has made numerous lifetime friends.

On her own time, motivating herself with her mother’s encouraging words, she always takes an interest in different activities. Karen also enjoys consorting with Kenia, her sister, watching Youtube and Netflix. Whether they paint each other’s nails or sing Disney songs together, they never have a dull moment in their sisterhood.

Although a young girl approaching her womanhood, she still learns many life lessons. Karen tries to follow her mother’s wise advice, acting kind and caring to everyone who speaks to her and not behaving like a grumpy girl. Although her soul sparkles full of love, still her demeanor always shows shyness and reticence when interacting with different people.

Full of thoughts and warm with memories, one of the best events that Karen cherishes would include when the entire 8th grade class attended Splashtown for their end of course trip. Unlike many other students who forgot about the trip, Karen has warm memories about it. “ I will always remember 8th grade as the best middle school year. The best part was getting to consort with my teacher’s and friends,” she said.

Karen senses excitement about finishing this year with outstanding grade point averages in her classes and taking pride in her many developed friendships. Highly motivated , she encourages herself to never surrender to failure and strive for success, planning a better future.

Karen Ramirez- not a lazy, uneducated student, but a smart, motivated one!

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