Xena Guerrero–A Sophomore Loving Life

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Xena Guerrero–A Sophomore Loving Life

Angel Guerrero, Writer

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Xena Guerrero, a sophomore at New Caney High School, has attended the New Caney Independent School District her entire life. Unlike some students with no future plans, she rejoices to own a bakery when she grows up, making cakes, setting up the shop with a beautiful decor. Not an occasional hobby, she bakes every holiday and exults at making sweet treats for her family.

Xena truly relishes spending time with most of her family, consorting with them about their interests. She likes listening to music, dancing with her family, and going out to dinner with them. She has 1 sister, 2 brothers, and many cousins, uncles, and grandparents.

Already considering her education after high school, Xena plans to attend college in New York or California. She wishes to study and earn a culinary science degree to pursue her dreams of opening a bakery.  Xena loves preparing and making different cakes from small cupcakes to giant wedding ones.

Furthermore, Xena likes visiting the zoo, looking at animals, watching them play. Zebras rank as her most beloved exotic animal because she finds them rather fascinating.

In addition, she enjoys most dogs, and one that she prizes would include Siberian Huskeys. The way their eyes look like oceans, and their fluffy, black and grey fur attracts Xena to them.

Although she listens to many music styles, country still stands as her preferred genre. Some artists that Xena loves includes Thomas Rhett, Brett Young, and Dustin Lynch. She likes listening to these artists while walking around the house, doing chores, and dancing around outside.

Xena’s favorite foods would include lasagna, chicken nuggets, and mashed potatoes. She has developed a special love for chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes over the past few years. She will eat lasagna anywhere, but prefers her mom’s cooking over other people’s recipe.

Xena- a remarkable sister and honorable friend!

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