Connor Sesta: A Grand Student and Friend!

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Connor Sesta: A Grand Student and Friend!

Angel Guerrero, Writer

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Connor Sesta, a 15 year old freshman, aspires a career in photography, a hobby she has relished and exulted over for many years. She plans to attend the University of Houston after she graduates high school. As a little girl, she confidently asked for her friends’ and family members’ cell phones, taking pictures, relieving stress.

Connor has two siblings, one sister Arianna and one brother Liam. She loves them quite much, projecting all of her emotions around them, reflecting upon what they mean to her “I would do anything for them”, Connor said.

She has lived in New Caney for 15 years, growing up in the same house for 13 of them. Connor has blossomed into a beautiful girl and shows herself as an excellent friend to all people with whom she consorts. She has matured as a young lady, yet acts  extremely garrulous throughout the day and night.

She has enrolled in ROTC, not with indifference, but with true excitement! During middle school, she practiced CAP, a class that prepares young, active members for military life. During summer 2018, Connor and her squad visited Louisiana to practice physical training, team building, and took multiple tests to gain rank promotions.

Rather than dally at home, Connor’s pastime activities include cooking, reading, and making mashups. She loves preparing and eating Italian foods, cooking the pasta, simmering the sauces, and lasagna ranks as her favorite choice. Moreover, she gladdens when reading her romantic novels which warms her soul with a myriad of feelings full of love.

Connor basks in activities, such as running, swimming, drawing, and partaking in theater arts performances. One play of many she would like to take part in includes “The Little Mermaid”, but confesses she has stage fright. She had this fear ever since a young age, but hopes someday to overcome it.

Sharing and engaging in dance class since 7th grade, she always takes delight in hearing many music genres. Connor feels true accomplishment, yet knows she will improve even more when she harmonizes with routines and chimes in dance moves. She looks forward to participating, even exulting to dance in the New Caney High School Spring Show.

Mrs. Crackel, New Caney High School’s stellar dance instructor, teaches many different styles to her students. Jazz routines, Connor’s favorite one, makes her feel enthusiastic and inspired because of its rhythms and movements in unison. She votively wishes to study dance all throughout her high school experience.

Connor– a loving and dramatic friend!





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