Victor Castaneda: Outstanding Soccer Captain!

Kenia Castaneda, Writer

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Victor Castaneda has finally reached the end of his high school experience, a long, path of studying and learning. Attending New Caney High School for four years now, he has worked diligently to earn his diploma.

Not only does he feel exalted about graduation, but also looks forward to further his education at Eastern Illinois University. During his high school education, Victor has mostly focused on learning and playing soccer.

His high school goals include attending college, preparing for a career as an architecture landscape designer, and signing with the Eastern Illinois University outstanding soccer team. Victor has experienced many losses from previous soccer games, learning that a player will never win unless he or she learns to lose. This encourages him to always work diligently and stay humble.

Dedicated to soccer, Victor has participated in soccer all four years of high school, a sport he truly has a passion for. Playing with the New Caney soccer varsity team, Victor has pushed his way to the top, standing as a superior, soccer captain, responsible for positive actions from both his teammates and himself.

As captain, Victor must coordinate his team, give advice, and most importantly, motivate his teammates at all times, making sure that the team plays their best game.

Playing soccer throughout his high school career almost daily, Victor continuously improves his soccer skills. While engaging in long weekly practices, he also enrolled in the Houston Dynamo Soccer Club.

The first sport Victor learned and played, he favors soccer and always will. Unlike some players that forget about games they played, Victor’s favorite memory includes winning junior varsity district championship with only one loss.

During Victor’s free time, he enjoys consorting with Yulicza Serrato, his girlfriend, and playing Fortnite with his teammates. He describes himself as handsome, competitive, and bipolar. Furthermore, Victor’s biggest supporters include both of his parents and his girlfriend, who always offer their guidance and support.

Victor Castaneda–not an average soccer player, but an outstanding one!



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