Adianez Gamez: A Cheerful and Social Young Lady

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Adianez Gamez: A Cheerful and Social Young Lady

Kenia Castaneda, Writer

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Adianez Gamez, a teenage young lady, has lived in New Caney for approximately eight years. Previously, she lived in the north side area of Houston Texas. Currently a junior at New Caney High School, she looks forward to graduating next year and then attending college.

At the moment, she seeks employment, but she also babysits to earn some income for herself. Moreover, she helps  her dad with the family’s budget during the weekend.

Some of Adianez’s favorite hobbies include sleeping, watching TV, and eating. She also enjoys consorting with her two brothers  Jose and Juan . She appreciates spending time together and watching their favorite show “Orange Is The New Black” and going to the movies during the weekend.

Adianez has many different interests. After graduating high school, she wishes to matriculate into Sam Houston State University to study for a career in criminal justice or forensic science.

Adianez describes herself as a smart, sociable, hardworking, young lady. Highly motivated, she encourages herself to always achieve success and never give up. She diligently works to earn good grades in high school, knowing that this practice will help in her college studies.

Adianez,  involved in two extracurricular activities, plays the violin and participates in the chamber orchestra team. She joined the team five years and truly loves it. Moreover, she relishes her participation in the Spanish Club.

During her free time,  she enjoys watching Netflix. She watches various types of movies on Netflix from horror to action movies, and  comedy TV shows. Furthermore, she looks forward to spending quality time with her mother, who always offers her guidance and support.

Taking pleasure in many food types. Adianez favors pasta and wings. Even more, she appreciates spending her weekends eating lunch at Cheddars with her family after church. Her favorite memory includes going out to eat at Cheddars for her birthday, and her brother pushing her into a small cheesecake dessert.

As senior year approaches, Adianez’s goals for junior year comprise maintaining a good grade average in all her classes and playing her violin.

Adianez Gamez- not a grumpy, solitary young lady , but a cheerful, sociable one.

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