Social Work: Giving Hope to People In Need

Sara Alvarez, Writer

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Searching for a profession that enhances individuals and families social functioning and overall wellness? A licensed social worker assists in all of these aspects that can benefit the world.

As a social worker, social functioning refers to the way in which people perform their social roles. Social workers help to sustain this quality in people who struggle mentally because of stress, trauma, or abuse.

Social work applies to social sciences, such as sociology, psychology, and public health. Not only does this liberal arts career help patients live a better and healthier life, but also social workers allow their patients to confide in a friend when experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

As a career that empowers and practices liberation, many different professionals assemble their talents to help achieve success for patients. Mental health counselors, case workers, and youth workers collaborate to perform successful social work.

Human and sex trafficking, one major dilemma in society, gives social workers a drive to help the world. Social workers save and support victims from their appalling, torturous past. They allow them to establish a  new and positive life and help them overcome their horrific past.

Unlike some professions requiring no advanced training, to succeed as a magnificent social worker, it requires a college education to obtain higher positions in this field. To work as a professional  social worker, students must earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology, psychology, or human services.

Rather than only offering advice, this career field saves lives. Not only will succeeding as a social worker satisfy and please these victims, but also it will bring personal warmth knowing that another struggling person can proceed to live a better, safe life.

Social work–known to employ the happiest people who lose themselves in the service of others.



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