Roaming The Wild: The Giant Panda

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Roaming The Wild: The Giant Panda

Harrison Boyd, Writer

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The animal coined as the giant panda exists today known simply as the panda bear. The bears’ attractive faces lure children, creating a yearning to see the majestic creature. Native to South Central China, the civilian inhabitants called it¨big bear cat¨.

Animals belong to specific classes which recognize their diets, and the panda belongs to the class of carnivora. Although it resides in this consumption category, the bear consumers solely a diet of 99% bamboo. The bear strays from meat with occasional appetites for a bird or rodent. It disregards its title, chomping its white teeth on greenery and grasses.

Zoos hold the creature in a cage, administering honey, yams, and even fish to the white bear with black accented patches. Bears commonly live in the mountains, making the panda’s home in the mountain ranges of Central China. The animalia kingdom member lived once in the lowlands, but suffered when driven out as a result of deforestation and farming.

The known species held the classification of ¨endangered¨, but that changed when reports emerged that the world holds over 2,000 individual pandas.  The shift earned the animal the status of ¨vulnerable¨.

Both the United States and China view pandas as creatures of peace.. The black, splotched bear remains famous in China not only because of its continued footsteps as time passes without extinction, but also because the animal has value within China and internationally.

The dragon holds sacred meaning to many in China, serving as its national symbol, but the panda or the ¨giant bear cat¨ appears as much as the dragon in terms of appearance and value.

From now and to the end of their time, the pandas may continue to devour their bamboo, while living through two sets of teeth the same as humans do. Their space, rest, and food remain dear to them, and as long as their species continues, humans must continue to respect their necessities.

The lovable, giant panda: a creature of value with human characteristics!


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