Mrs. McWilliams: A Superstar Counselor At New Caney High School

Angel Guerrero, writer

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Mrs. McWilliams, a remarkable lady with a comprehensive soul, works in counseling and guides students through their high school experience.

Mrs. McWilliams, a University of Houston graduate, earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and later, she earned her master’s in counseling from Trinity International University. She has worked at New Caney High School for 10 years, guiding young students, helping them see a bright future.

Not only does she take delight in hiking through her community, running laps around the neighborhood, but also exults over camping at scenic areas in Colorado or Austin Texas. Her family includes her 4 children, and 2 of the 4 recently married in a beautiful venue. Mrs.McWilliams married Jeff, her wonderful husband, 34 years ago.

Before her employment at New Caney High School, she worked for Delta Airlines and Star of Hope Mission, a homeless shelter as an intake and assessment worker. She facilitated homeless people, not to squander their time, but to receive the resources they needed to stabilize their families.

At New Caney High School, she taught in the Home-bound/Credit Recovery Center for 3 years, learning much about particular needs students. After she earned her master’s degree, she started helping students with organizing their schedules and planning their future careers. Approachable and accessible, she truly loves helping students achieve success in their classes and career goals.

“ Trust in the lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and the will direct your path.”

A proverb she lives by, Mrs. McWilliams enjoys her church, and with a deep faith, involves herself in an international bible study. People from all over the world all take place in a similar study, which she helps organize in her own class.

Mrs. McWilliams enrolled in January for a half marathon run hoping to  complete her training and course for her own personal goals. She looks at running like a metaphor.“To keep persevering and continuing to complete your goals”, she said.

Mrs. McWilliams – one of the superstar counselors at New Caney High School!

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