Hibachi Buffet: A Gourmet Restaurant Pleasing Local Residents

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Pizza, Taco Bell, and Captain D’s, a new restaurant introduces an exceptionally unique diversion of flavor satisfaction to Porter residents and the surrounding areas.

On December 21, 2010, local residents ecstatically celebrated the opening of the Supreme Hibachi Sushi Buffet, a Chinese restaurant which people anticipated since last autumn.

Presenting an Asian element to the local food scene, the buffet-style restaurant offers guests a vast variety of gourmet cuisine choices for a flat rate of less than ten dollars per person. One can enjoy a side dish of deliciously stuffed mushrooms or savory fried zucchini with their pineapple chicken, baked mussels, or decadent salmon. Also available are steam fried rice and lo mein, essential for any Chinese food platter. A dedicated separate wing provides fresh sushi and made-to-order hibachi for guests. With a multitude of dishes prepared, the food combinations are nearly overwhelming. Following lunch or dinner, an assortment of baked or frozen dessert choices are sweetly enticing. Complementary fortune cookies, given to every restaurant patron at their table, leaves guests with a happy dining experience.

Skepticism was evident prior to the restaurant’s opening. Could a top quality edible sushi restaurant conduct a thriving business in Porter?

“Walking into the Hibachi makes me feel like I’m in a completely different country. I don’t even remember that I’m in Porter until I look out the window,” a satisfied customer admits.

Hungry customers not only satisfy their taste buds and stomachs by pleasurably indulging in the wide variety of delicious foods, but are also delighted by the restaurant’s beautiful, classy atmosphere. While stepping through the doors of the Hibachi, customers are immediately in awe of the artistic design of the restaurant’s anteroom, with an ornate, delicate , glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a large, heart-warming,  painted mural of panda bears in a jungle welcoming customers inside. Following their entrance to the restaurant, a hostess, offering the friendliest smile, greets the guests, and seats them at a table in one of the beautiful building sections. A waitress then arrives and takes drink orders, allowing refills throughout the meal at no extra cost. Thematic decorations set a pleasing ambience throughout the restaurant, including an expansive fish tank with plentiful, golden fish settled near the front desk.

“Not only is the food great, but the place is kept in excellent condition. The employees are constantly checking to make sure that everything is neat and in order,” Forrest Woodward shared.

Now that the Hibachi is open conveniently for people from the Porter, New Caney and Kingwood area, distance or wasted gasoline are not hindrances when craving freshly-cooked delicious Asian food at an affordable and worthwhile price.

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