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Jonni Powers: A Multi-talented Multi-tasker

Lisa Mathis, Reporter

October 14, 2010

No ordinary student can achieve such superlative achievements as being number one in the Class of 2012, Vice President, and Assistant Drum Major all at once. However, these incredible accomplishments have been attained by NCHS'...

Jesse Johnson: An Incomparable Musician!

Lisa Mathis, Reporter

October 1, 2010

Music is an art that adds to a person's quality of life. Some people make music not only a part of their life, but have an undying passion for it. Jesse Johnson, a gifted musician who has unleashed his talent, explores music almost...

Amanda Ashy: Glowing Eyes, Bright Smile, and a Deep Soul

Devon Howard, Reporter

September 22, 2010

Amanda Ashy, a senior at new Caney High School, has worked diligently to establish herself  both as a scholar and a dancer. Growing up, Amanda's life was simple and filled with light-hearted memories of fishing, playing hide...

Angel Fuhre: Her Undying Quest for Scholarship

E. Rae "Katie" Hernandez, Reporter

September 8, 2010

In America, every citizen is granted the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To New Caney High School senior Angel Fuhre, all of these equate to one underlying aspect: an unending pursuit of knowledge. Fuhre...

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