IT–A Chilling Movie

Katie Baker, Writer

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Stephen King’s novel IT  left fleeting obscurity behind and soared in popularity to a million-dollar film in 2017. Originating in 1986, the horror, fiction novel depicts an abnormal clown who feasts on children for an entire year then lulls and hibernates for approximately twenty-eight years.

Although the book highlights an overwhelming amount of scary detail, the movie still endows and surpasses it in quality when director Andres Muschietti incorporates special effects, giving it a horrifying edge. Unlike the older adaption that critics viewed favorably, the updated Stephen King’s best selling novel IT outshines it extraordinarily by entertaining international audiences.

Capturing viewers with tremendous acting, remarkable cinematography, and intensely, horrific exhibitions, the 2017 film transcended assumptions formed by critical audiences. Following the novel’s story line more accurately, the new film earned millions of dollars at the box office, ranking number one in theaters across the globe.

Seizing the audience with every scene, viewers commonly heard laughs and screams throughout the film. Although the killer clown causes horrific screams, still the children better known as “the losers club” cause hysterical laughter in the film.

 The actors, such as Bill Skarsgard who manifest the character “Pennywise”, heightens the horror Stephen King set out to depict. Compared to the incredible actor Tim Curry, Skarsgard still horrifies and terrifies viewers throughout the film. Unlike the 1990s film, the fresh take on Stephen King’s classic novel creates a suspenseful tone throughout the movie.

The losers club, played by amateur actors, exalted the film by providing a truly hysterical portion. The film overall exceeded its predecessor in visual quality, humorous dialogue, and terrifying graphics, providing a horrific, yet supreme view on a classic novel.

In conclusion, this adaptation of Stephen King’s number one best seller novel IT stands as a high quality and superb perspective, exceeding expectations, capturing audience’s attention worldwide.




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