Margot Robbie: One Superstar Actress

Megan Thompson, Writer

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Margot Robbie, a lauded and extolled Australian actress, holds a fairly well-known reputation. Mainly known for roles in Suicide Squad and Legend of Tarzan respectively, Robbie also makes many appearances elsewhere, such as independent Australian movies and American TV series guest debuts.

Robbie’s portrayal of the DC Comics villain Harley Quinn has received lavish praise from numerous critics and fans alike. The film itself, however, did not receive high acclaim and instead earned poor appraisals from reviewers.

Robbie’s portrayal of Quinn received praise, yet her costume did not realize the same accolade. Fans found it an extreme deviance from the comics’ original black and red suit that Quinn always wore.

Robbie recently married Tom Ackerley, a British movie director and producer. The two wed in a secret ceremony at Byron Bay, Australia during December 2016.

In 2014, Robbie and Ackerley met on the movie set of Suite Française; Robbie as an actress and Ackerley a third assistant director. The pair settled in Los Angeles, California, making it convenient for Robbie to audition for more roles.

While her past did not reveal brutal or heartbreaking events, Robbie had a difficult childhood. Born on Australia’s gold coast, but moved to Melbourne at a young age, the actress experienced an onerous life. Robbie worked three jobs and labored on her father’s farm to help support her family.

Robbie’s father, Doug Robbie (a sugar cane tycoon), left his family while Robbie grew and matured as an infant. Even now years later, their relationship stays strained.

Disregarding her family history, Margot Robbie continues her career as one of the best actresses  in modern times, and her fans impatiently wait for the release of her next masterpiece; a spin-off from Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens.

Margot Robbie–not a dull and dreary actress, but a spectacular and marvelous one!

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