Batman vs. Superman

Ashley Potter, Writer

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Breaking records and setting new ones, Batman vs. Superman made 170.1 million dollars in the United States in its opening weekend. This DC Comics film has set the record for the best opening weekend of any DC movie. Although this movie did not beat the Marvels Avengers movie, which earned 207.4 million dollars in the United States, still it beat Marvels’ movie opening weekend when looked at from around the world.

When looked at worldwide, Batman vs. Superman beat the Marvels’ Avengers movie by 392.5 million dollars, having made in total around the world 424 million dollars. This movie even topped Furious 7, making it fourth in the list of best global movies according to dollars made in opening weekend. This large debut by DC has paved the way for creating many more DC movies in the future.

In this movie, Batman feels hatred and a little bit of envy towards this new superhero alien named Superman whose fight with another alien destroyed a whole city and killed thousands of people. This vigilante superhero wants Superman gone and will go as far as stealing a certain green rock from Lex Luthor to rid the world of Superman for good. While this battle increasingly intensifies, Wonder Woman watches from the sidelines with her own problems to solve.

In a turn of events, Superman needs the help of Batman to save his mother from his new enemy Lex Luthor. While attempting to gain Batman’s help, a fight breaks out between the two heroes that almost costs Superman his life, but the two of them ban together and fight the Kryptonian monster created to destroy Superman along with the amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman.

What happens after this fight? Does someone lose his life? Will the heroes take charge and make a team of superheroes?

Watch the movie and find out the extraordinary ending!





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