Cirque Du Soleil “Toruk: The First Flight

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Cirque Du Soleil “Toruk: The First Flight

Arianna Grupe, Writer

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On Valentine’s Day, the Toyota Center featured the Cirque Du Soleil ¨Toruk-The First Flight¨. This particular show stands above the other Cirque Du Soleil shows because a narrator tells the story in English as the show plays out, which does not usually happen in Cirque Du Soleil shows.

The story, derived from Avatar, began with 2 adopted brothers who started their initiation into their clan, but one brother, Entu, failed. As the successful brother, Ralu, went to go find his brother, the holy woman of the tribe had a vision. A vision where evil overcame Pandora and killed the tree of souls, which gives life to all of Pandora.

As an only solution, Ralu must go to all 5 clans on Pandora and retrieve their sacred item to battle the evil and mighty Toruk and save Pandora.
From there, the brothers travelled to each clan to retrieve the sacred items, but faced many challenges. Once Ralu and Entu had all the items, Entu ran off to conquer the mighty Toruk, which had killed his parents.

Overall, the show offered many aesthetically pleasing aspects, such as the changing plants, brightly colored costumes, and cleverly designed lights. With the detailed sounds, astounding stunts, and quite advanced technology, the show kept viewers tuned throughout the entire show.

Cirque Du Soleil produced a totally unique and outstanding show. Although different from most of their traditional performances, they nailed this story line. This show provided many memories, creative costumes, spectacular technique, and a lifelong experience for all ages.

An applause goes out to the creators, actors, technical consultants, and anyone else involved in creating this fantastic show of avatars, clashing clans, beautiful scenery, magical creatures, and an action filled story line which gives total reasons to attend ¨Toruk¨ and gain the full CIrque Du Soleil experience before this show retires.

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