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Area III FFA Convention a Success!

Arianna Grupe, Writer

May 18, 2015

On Friday, May 15th, the New Caney FFA 2015-2016 Officer team attended the Area III FFA convention where they explored the world of... READ MORE »»

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A Career in Law: Upholding American Laws for Businesses and Citizens

Britney Russo, Writer

May 16, 2015

Many people think of lawyers as rich stuck up snobs, but lawyers form an important profession in society. Lawyers advise and represent... READ MORE »»


Kelly Shaw: An Outstanding Counselor!

Sarah Lara, Writer

As a 3rd year member of the New Caney High School staff, Mrs. Kelly Shaw strives to develop and mold young students into mature, goal oriented adults. A counselor dedicated to student success, she hopes all students achieve their dreams after high school. However, Mrs. Shaw also knows that during students’ high school years, connection with teachers holds the key for students to thrive and prosper.   Earning her Bachelor’s of Arts in English with a minor in Reading with a secondary teacher certification from Sam Houston State University in 1999, Mrs. Shaw also earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Language Arts and Reading from the University... Read more »

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Sara Lara: Graduating Senior and Future Journalist!

Emily Oxley, Writer

As the first generation born in America from her family, Sarah Lara joined society in July of 1997 at Kingwood Hospital where she struggled as a premature baby fighting for her life. Some of the accomplishments that she has achieved would include Journalism President for 3 years, Vice President of the Interact Club, a current worker for the Meningitis Angels Non-Profit Organization and holding a drum major position, first chair French horn player, and many others.. Sarah’s future long term goals consists of demonstrating leadership and ambition to her future family. An everyday goal that she has set for herself includes helping others and encouraging them to succeed. Sarah dreams of taking a major role in her future children’s lives and help them with their problems. Unlike some students who want a large crowd of friends, throughout the years at New Caney High School, Sarah engages... Read more »

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Rice University–One of the Best in the World!

Emily Oxley, Writer

Looking for an Ivy League education? Consider studying at Rice University! On May 18, 1891, William Marsh Rice, Massachusetts-born businessman chartered the William Marsh Rice Institute of the Advancement of Literature, Science, and Art as a gift to the city of Houston. Since then, Rice University has grown into one of the most respected institutions in the world. In 1907, trustees of the Rice Institute acted upon the recommendation of the president of Princeton along with astronomer and mathematician, Edgar Odell Lovett saying the school showed great potential. “The most distinguished teachers must take their part in undergraduate learning , and their spirit should dominate it all.” On September 23, 1912, Rice Institute opened with 77 students and a dozen faculty. Four year later, the school awarded students 35 bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree, and the first doctorate conferred... Read more »

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Welcome Students to School Year 2014-2015

Robert Hoffman, Editor in Chief

Welcome back students, teachers, and administrators for school year 2014-2015! Many new building changes occurred on the second floor during the summer months at New Caney... Read more »

September 8, 2013 • 0 comments

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Furious 7: A Message of Loyalty and Family Meaning

Rebecca Clough, Writer

The action packed and newest installment to the Fast and Furious movie series held a distinct message. The most important lesson in life regards family. As a family does anything... Read more »

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Grand Texas Theme Park–Coming Soon!

Hali Simmons, Writer

Look out Texans! Grand Texas theme park and entertainment district opens in 2015! If you wished you did not need to drive far from New Caney to visit a theme park, wish no... Read more »

December 14, 2014 • 0 comments

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NCHS Varsity Football Finishes 4-6 for the 2014 Season


The New Caney High School varsity football team finished with a 4-6 record for the season. Although the season had many challenges, still the coaches and players feel optimistic... Read more »

November 5, 2014 • 0 comments

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