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Half Price Books: A Goldmine of Books, Music, and Movies!

Emily Oxley, Writer

April 18, 2015

Enjoy reading and having a wide selection of books? Consider visiting Half Price books, which has several locations in the Houston... READ MORE »»

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University of North Texas–A Green Light to Greatness!

Sarah Lara, Writer

April 6, 2015

A green light to greatness starts at the University of North Texas. Known as one of the best music schools, located in Denton Texas,... READ MORE »»


Cabela’s: From Kitchen Tables to National Stores!

Arianna Grupe, Writer

Dick Cabela started his outdoor equipment company by selling handmade fishing flies that he bought at a furniture show. Cabela and his wife Mary sent out a national ad for these flies and received several requests. They started by packaging and sending the flies from their kitchen table, and from there, the business flourished, moved to a warehouse basement, and then to an abandoned John Deere building. Cabela’s has since expanded into retail stores, education centers, and showrooms for consumers to enjoy. Cabela’s creates over 100 different catalogs a year and ships them to all 50 states and 125 different countries. The company created a bank in 2001 to host their Cabela’s exclusive Visa... Read more »

April 15, 2015 • 0 comments

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Alberto Perez: A Remarkable Musician That Loves Soccer!

Kerem Morales, Writer

Born July 22, 1997, Alberto Perez proudly represents his soccer team at New Caney High School, improving his skills with dignity after school, dedicating time and effort to both his team and coach. With school work set aside, he views soccer as an area he can relax in, allowing his mind to clear out his troubles, replacing his stress with vigorous adrenaline, and gaining support from his collaborative soccer family. During practice, the organization train intensely beneath the scorching sun for two hours. Under coach Cardenas’ leadership, Alberto learned how to overcome the prolonging runs and tenacious workouts, as well as necessary discipline for the past two years. He strongly believes that both the training and discipline has not only influenced his physical fitness, but also his sense of responsibility. “I applied coach Cardenas’ way of teaching in my classes,” he said.... Read more »

March 19, 2015 • 0 comments

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Beyonce: A True Artist With Remarkable Talent!

Known as a multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning recording artist, Beyonce takes the world’s breath away with her thrilling vocals and astounding videos.From her hit songs Crazy in Love to Single Ladies, Beyonce has displayed both her natural singing and dancing abilities since an early stage, competing in local talent shows and winning many of the events in Houston, Texas. Her journey to fame first started when she formed an all-female singing group, teaming up with her cousin Kelly Rowland and two classmates. Leading the group as the lead vocalist, the trio captured the public’s eye with both their unique R&B music and complex dance routines, bringing an exclusive, refreshing meaning to R&B to the audience, and eventually, to the entire globe. Her father, Matthew Knowles, recognizing the girls’ and Beyonce’s potential, made the decision to become the manager of the group,... Read more »

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Welcome Students to School Year 2014-2015

Robert Hoffman, Editor in Chief

Welcome back students, teachers, and administrators for school year 2014-2015! Many new building changes occurred on the second floor during the summer months at New Caney... Read more »

September 8, 2013 • 0 comments

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Furious 7: A Message of Loyalty and Family Meaning

Rebecca Clough, Writer

The action packed and newest installment to the Fast and Furious movie series held a distinct message. The most important lesson in life regards family. As a family does anything... Read more »

April 20, 2015 • 0 comments

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Grand Texas Theme Park–Coming Soon!

Hali Simmons, Writer

Look out Texans! Grand Texas theme park and entertainment district opens in 2015! If you wished you did not need to drive far from New Caney to visit a theme park, wish no... Read more »

December 14, 2014 • 0 comments

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NCHS Varsity Football Finishes 4-6 for the 2014 Season


The New Caney High School varsity football team finished with a 4-6 record for the season. Although the season had many challenges, still the coaches and players feel optimistic... Read more »

November 5, 2014 • 0 comments

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