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New York City–A Megalopolis of Culture

Britney Russo, Writer

September 25, 2014

Millions of people, crowded streets, a vast array of buildings and lights that illuminate the night sky, New York City, otherwise known... READ MORE »»

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Yokohama Japan–A Jewel in the Far East

Hali Simmons, writer

September 23, 2014

Unique art, exotic food, and wonderful people. Yokohama, located in the Kanto region of Japan, lies along the southern coast known... READ MORE »»


Andy Warhol–Avant-garde, Experimental, and Innovative Art At Its Best

Emily Oxley, Writer

Andrew Warhol, the man who created “pop” art with a picture of Campbell’s soup cans, produced many progressive artistic works for American culture. Unlike other artists with their ordinary paintings, Warhol made avant-garde paintings that would catch a viewer’s eye. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in the house of Slovakian Immigrants, Andrew Warhola [His birth name] lived a typical childhood life. The family kept their Byzantine Catholics religion and attended mass regularly, maintaining much of their Slovakian culture and heritage. Ate age eight, doctors diagnosed him with a fatal disease of the nervous system called Chorea. During this time, due to his mother’s artistic... Read more »

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Frankie Golden: A Sparkling New Caney High School Student!

Hali Simmons, Writer

Frankie Golden, a senior student at New Caney High School and fellow writer for the Eagle Times Bulletin, looks forward to graduating this year to become a public speaker. Hoping to attend University of Houston in the 2015 fall semester, he aspires to major in communications. An avid traveler and diligent worker, Frankie’s continually sharp appearance stands apart from the crowd. Frankie, born in Houston on October 16th, has previously lived in Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska, and New York, and finally returning to Houston to finish high school. Visiting Miami this school year became part of his heavy travel agenda, but “If I could live anywhere, it would be Nebraska again. I think it’s the best kept secret in America. it’s very suburban and has a great community,” he said. Frankie enjoys reading in his spare time and recommends the book The Catcher in the Rye to fellow book lovers. One... Read more »

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New York’s Central Park–A Landmark!

Frankie Golden, Writer

July 21, 1853 marked the birth of America’s first major landscaped public park. Central Park, located in central Manhattan, consists of 750 acres of land used primarily to improve public health and contribute to the formation of a civil society. The Park itself stands in complete glory as it has an annual budget of 58.3 million, although Central Park had a humble beginning. Initially, the park stood “in a chronic state of decay” with broken equipment, barren meadows , and crumbling infrastructure. Nevertheless, The city appropriated funding, and appointed a Central Park Board of Guardians to oversee its growth. Nowadays the Park stands as pleasant place to visit and enjoy. Today Central park stands as a paragon to other parks because countless events, such as performances, sports, and exhibits occur daily. Many people come to the park for rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Unlike... Read more »

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Welcome Students to School Year 2014-2015

Robert Hoffman, Editor in Chief

Welcome back students, teachers, and administrators for school year 2014-2015! Many new building changes occurred on the second floor during the summer months at New Caney... Read more »

September 8, 2013 • 0 comments

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ashley Potter, Writer

The second most popular movie of the year, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, excites many of the Marvel fanatics who have waited for another Marvel movie. While the action filled... Read more »

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Lady Eagles Basketball: Stands Tall!

Leo Meshell, Writer

At New Caney High School, any time a sport achieves a post-season contest, excitement surrounds the entire school. Unlike a complacent team that achieves happiness from merely... Read more »

February 10, 2014 • 0 comments

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